Below are listed several examples of intraday analysis posted for Subscribers and results of what market did at this particular day. The results are posted from time to time due to high volatility of the markets and another duties I have.

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May 2022 – Couple examples how nicely signals of Supply and Demand catches the trend. Also check how exactly to the point Dax worked and travelled between 2 Virgin VPOCs with additional confirmation signals from VSA Scanner

19th April 2022 – Marked signals from Supply/Demand Scanner (VSA) before major moves happened

18th April 2022 – On BTC we saw firstly group of Demand Signals as well as on top Supply signals giving as a final result two nicely played trades. Lats but not least moves finished on Gamma Flip level calculated from Options & Darkpools data by AI.

18th April 2022 – On S&P500 futures (ES) we got at the top signal of Supply from Demand/Supply Scanner (VSA) and move ended exactly where expected – on Virgin VPOC.

1st April 2022 – on S&P500 (ES) price reacted very well to Gamma -0.5 level. On Gold and Oil we had reaction on Extreme Low of the Day. Also moves from Intraday Analysis available for Subscribers were filled in accordingly to the plan (arrows).

29th March 2022 – Nice signals on Gold, firstly played alongside with moves shared with Subsribers (part of Intraday analysis) and then exactly at the bottom where we expected bounce, it reversed after reaching Virgin VPOC plus additional confirmation of Demand identified by Supply&Demand Scanner (VSA)

25th March 2022 – Supply signals at the top alongside with Gamma level alignment observed on BTC. Earlier Long trade alongside with the analysis shared with Subscribers

22nd March 2022 – Nicely played trades, especially on Gold and Oil which reacted accordingly to the plan 1:1.

16th March 2022 – S&P500 nicely played out accordingly to the plan 🙂 It moved Long first, then at the top edge of Supply Zone it reversed and filled in second trade.

16th March 2022 – Oil worked accordingly to the plan, firstly moving with Long trade and later throughout the day giving another Short opportunity.

11th March 2022 – BTC reacted to the point to Support marked earlier by Sentiment Indicator on D1. With red lines are marked realised trades accordingly to earlier posted analysis for Subscribers

11th March 2022 – with red lines realised trades. On Gold one trade successful on 2nd attempt (1st attempt hit StopLoss marked with “x”), however due to smart Money Management overall even due to SL on one trade, second trade brought much higher profit.

8th March 2022 – examples from Majors, where markets are volatile due to new limitations applied to Russians and because of war in Ukraine

8th March 2022 – BTC example

2nd March 2022 – Bitcoin to the point with marked on red moves. Firstly going up to fill in Virgin VPOC and touch to the point (!) bottom edge of Supply Zone. Immediate reaction and move down – just accordingly to the earlier predicted analysis.

1st March 2022 – Even due to anomaly conditions on market due to war in Ukraine, key levels from Options flow are still working very well on instruments. Levels are available for Subscribers covering multiple instruments (not only those presented on the screenshot). Calculations are happening each day by Machine Learning (AI) algorithm.

23rd Feb 2022 – Bitcoin reaches Extreme High of Day level + additional early warning signals of Supply entering the market by Scanner

23rd Feb 2022 – on Dax we reach Extreme High of the Day level + 2 additional early warning signals of entering Supply to the market.

22nd Feb 2022 – Trades on Dax, S&P500, Gold and Oil

22nd Feb 2022 – Bitcoin Example

18th Feb 2022 – Trades on Dax, S&P500 and Oil

15th Feb 2022 – Example from Oil and Call Wall hit once more ? Also we had here Gamma +1 as the last line and reacted exactly as expected. Last but not least – also Supply Zone we’ve marked 2 sessions earlier

7th Feb 2022 – Another day, another profits ? Only ES didn’t give opportunity to trade

8th Feb 2022 – Bitcoin 3 trades already realised with profit

5th Feb 2022 – Dax Analysis results with moves realised straight to the point ? One SL as initially on Gamma 0.5 price didn’t reverse into Short, but when we revisited this level later – it gave opportunity to reenter Short. Rest Of moves realised fully on 1st attempt

26th Jan 2022 – Example of BTC and nicely played Longs ?

25th Jan 2022 – BTC after rally to top we received first warning signal as Supply signal from VSA Scanner, then price touched Supply Zone and another Supply Signal from VSA Scanner appeared just at the top. And check what happened next ?

25th Jan 2022 – Examples from today of places that our Options indicators set at the beginning of the day totally automatically based on data from Options market.

– DAX – on top we see Supply signal from VSA Scanner

– S&P500 – first strong Demand signal at the bottom and then reversal on Extreme Day High Level (from Gamma Levels)

– Gold – Supply Zone with combo from Gamma Level inside

– Oil – reverse just before Extreme High of Day Level + Supply signal at top

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