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We’re loading data directly from Options Market, analyse it automatically by Machine Learning algorithm and sending results to TradingView indicators.

  • Gamma Bands – Gamma Bands are based on previous day data of base intrument, Volatility , Options flow (imported from external source as Tradingview is not supporting Options as tools) and few other additional factors to calculate intraday levels. Those levels in correlation with even pure Price Action works like a charm what is confirmed by big orders often placed exactly on those levels on Futures Contracts. We have levels +/- 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 that are calculated from Pivot Point and are working like Support and Resistance.
  • VSA Scanner – Automatic scanner of Volume Spread Analysis signals combined with Wyckoff methodology. It consists of Climactic signals, Signals Of Weakness (SOW) and Strength (SOS) as well as Tests confirming earlier signals. It contains additionally automatic draw of Supply and Demand Zones, Automatic Moving Average (based on Volatility or Volume) that adapts it’s length accordingly to the current situation on the market.
  • Options Flow Sentiment (NEW!) – automatic analyser of Options Traders, that can in advance warn before trend direction change. Also displays points where volume of PUTs and CALLs options are equal what is called “Balance Points”. Such places are marking on D1 timeframe important levels of Support/Resistance.  In the background there are also calculated and analysed Expirations (+ Volume), Open Interest, Strikes, Type of Options (At The Money, In The Money, Out of Money). When multiple factors are aligned, coloured background appears.Data is being analysed by ML (Machine Learning) algorithm constantly and exported to Trading View for visualisation.

Gamma Levels and VSA Scanner

Options Sentiment Analyser

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