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We’re loading data directly from Options Market, analyse it automatically by Machine Learning algorithm and sending results to TradingView indicators.

Gamma Bands

Gamma Bands are based on previous day data of base intrument, Volatility , Options flow (imported from external source as Tradingview is not supporting Options as tools) and few other additional factors to calculate intraday levels. Those levels in correlation with even pure Price Action works like a charm what is confirmed by big orders often placed exactly on those levels on Futures Contracts. We have levels +/- 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 that are calculated from Pivot Point and are working like Support and Resistance.

The script draws 3 levels of positive and negative Gamma, the principle of operation is similar to Pivot points – Gamma levels are key intraday levels.

The key is to set the hours of the Overnight and Initial Balance sessions according to the time zone of the instrument you are using – there are different data sources on the TV and, for example, gold may be in the source time zone -4 once and at other times -2. It’s easiest to see what time the Gamma levels jump to a new level and adjust it to the appropriate times.For example, Dax at 2 am (Polish time) should start with the Overnight session, and Gold at midnight (polish time). In turn, indices like the SPX (ES) may be at 10:15 pm polish time (closing of the Regular Trading Hours of US session).The next key setting is the source instrument selection (Dax selected by default

VSA Scanner

Automatic scanner of Volume Spread Analysis signals combined with Wyckoff methodology. It consists of Climactic signals, Signals Of Weakness (SOW) and Strength (SOS) as well as Tests confirming earlier signals. It contains additionally automatic draw of Supply and Demand Zones, Automatic Moving Average (based on Volatility or Volume) that adapts it’s length accordingly to the current situation on the market.- the script draws only key volume zones by default, in Settings you can enable drawing more demand and supply zones, although I prefer to set only key zones visibility by default- the script analyzes and shows the key demand and supply signals, demand signals are below the candle and supply signals above the candle

There are four categories of signals now marked as below:

Cross and Diamond – major signals predicting possible trend reversal

Circle – Signals of Weakness/Strength

Triangle – Tests from VSA methodology

Flag – is displaying signals when Supply/Demand Zone were broken

Ideal scenario would be to get firstly Cross or Diamond Signal, then Circle and Triangle – but it’s not always happening. It’s individual judgement of trader what makes a difference and can turn signals from VSA Scanner into profitable trade.

Attention!! the script “jumps” when a new zone is found, but if the previous zone / (s) have not been retested / punctured, you can easily extend them manually on the chart
VSA abbreviations:

Major signals:

TR – Top Reversal

BR – Bottom Reversal

SCI – Supply Coming In

STOP – Stopping Volume

BCLX – Buying Climax

SCLX – Selling Climax

EOR – End of Rising Market

BGH – Bag Holding

CLIMACT – Climactic action identified (my own signal definition)

VOL ALP – Volume Alpha Factor (my own signal definition for identifying a lot of transactions in relatively short period of time aka High Density of Transactions)

WEAKNESS / STRENGTH – those are my own signals for identifying High Effort moves accordingly to theory  “Work vs Effort”

U – Upthrust

SH – Shakeout

Signals of tests:

TS – Test

ND – No Demand

NS – No Supply

CONF – my own signal for confirmation of Supply/Demand (but valid only after having one compatible signal earlier from “Major Group”)

Options Sentiment

Automatic analyser of Options Traders, that can in advance warn before trend direction change. Also displays points where volume of PUTs and CALLs options are equal what is called “Balance Points”. Such places are marking on D1 timeframe important levels of Support/Resistance.  In the background there are also calculated and analysed Expirations (+ Volume), Open Interest, Strikes, Type of Options (At The Money, In The Money, Out of Money). When multiple factors are aligned, coloured background appears.Data is being analysed by ML (Machine Learning) algorithm constantly and exported to Trading View for visualisation.

Gamma Levels and VSA Scanner

Options Sentiment Analyser

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