How to find indicators on TradingView?


VSA Scanner – Supply & Demand visible on the chart

VSA Scanner is supposed to show in advance incoming Supply & Demand. However, as market theories are saying – the effect is not immediate and takes time. This can be, however, your advantage, as you can prepare earlier to take a trade and set up the plan. When you align this with Gamma Levels, you have alignment in the direction and timing of the trade.


  • signals displayed below candle/bar – means Demand is coming to the market; therefore, it’s a Bullish signal
  • signals appearing above candle/bar – means Supply is coming, and it’s a Bearish signal
  • single signs have a lower chance of success; therefore, look for either group of calls relatively close to each other and in the same direction OR align them with Gamma Levels

More details and advanced information about VSA Scanner can be found in a separate Blog Post.

Gamma Levels

The script display key levels for intraday trading. Additionally, Subscribers have access to AI-calculated groups based on Darkpool and Options markets.


  • Extreme High and Extreme Low levels limit the typical range of the day; those are worth looking for potential reversals
  • if you observe stoppage and reverse of the move on Gamma +/- 0.5, then there’s a very high chance (over 75%) that the price will come back to Balance Point (mid-level between Gamma +0.25 and Gamma -0.25)
  • when the price goes above Gamma +1 or below Gamma -1, we have an anomaly on the market and very likely The Trend Day; when you observe such a case, enter a trade in the direction of breakout after candle/bar closes outside of Gamma +/- 1. Then monitor VSA Scanner for reversal signals and keep trade open until you don’t get the opposite alert from VSA Scanner
  • typical good entry points for Longs intraday are when price passes above Gamma +0.25 with TP on the next Gamma
  • the usual good entry point for Shorts intraday is a moment of passing below Gamma -0.25 with TP on the next Gamma
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