Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your concerns are not addressed with the below list, please contact us – we would be more than happy to help and answer you.

Which timeframes works the best?

It’s up to you! Tools are as universal as possible and work for higher as well as for lower timeframes. They have been designed mainly for Intraday timeframes (M15 and M5) however higher timeframes are supported as well.

Which instruments are supported?

VSA Scanner (Supply & Demand tool) & Options Sentiment Scanner are universal and work on any instruments if only the source symbol contains accurate volume data (no tick volume!). Gamma Levels support Futures contracts: ES, NQ, GC, CL, FDAX. We are constantly working on extending the list, so leave us a message if you are particularly looking for a specific instrument to be supported.

What platforms do you support?

Currently, we’re offering software on the TradingView platform. We’re working on the following platforms to be supported (Python standalone version and API are scheduled for the future).

TradingView is not supporting Options, Darkpools and AI. How do you work then?

Correct, that’s why calculations and logic are stored in the cloud and are running there. Results are exported to Quandl Database and then imported to software in TradingView, as there’s official integration through API.

Is VSA suitable as well for Crypto markets?

Yes, it is! Supply and Demand characteristics are similar between instruments and the AI engines learned to identify them. Bear in mind, that engine is constantly adapting (exactly as market behaviors change). Simply speaking – it’s a universal algorithm. As long as real volume data is present on the selected/displayed instrument on the chart.

What account I need on TradingView?

We recommend having one of the Paid accounts (even the cheapest one – Pro) to access the Paid Market Data (Volume for Futures).

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