Throughout the years, we ran science research learning behaviours & goals of Smart Money. Starting with the elementary Volume Spread Analysis analysis we learnt, it’s not enough. Through experimentation and after consulting approach with experienced profitable traders, we applied modified formulas to Supply & Demand patterns definitions. We knew either Bears or Bulls controlled the market with that milestone reached.

However, it wasn’t enough. It was only half of the success, and another part was perfect-timed execution. Darkpool & Options data comes in handy in place, as we have an enormous amount of money placed here. With tons of data coming and flowing each weekday, we started to build a Machine Learning algorithm to find significant insights from analysed data. As the outcome, we have loaded Key Levels in indicators.

Example from ES – Supply at the top of Trading Range, identified by VSA Scanner. It gave us early warning signal which was confirmed with another confluence factor: Gamma +1 level from indicator. Take into consideration fact, that this massive (in Intraday perspective) drop was stopped by another reversal signal of incoming Demand – also identified automatically by VSA Scanner.

Example on Gold – arrows points to best opportunities identified by the software. Firstly bottom on Gold was found and VSA Scanner signalled incoming Demand. At the top of the uptrend, another warning signals appeared aligned with area of Gamma +1 level marked on chart. Look how precisely Gold is respecting horizontal levels of Gamma Levels, automatically calculated by indicator couple of times.

Start having an edge on the market today with the data!